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Software vendors on prooV enjoy unparalleled access to the enterprises of their dreams, without having to rely on personal connections or over-the-top marketing efforts. 

Once connected to the platform, software vendors can easily discover which areas enterprises are looking to improve IT performance or innovate in, and apply to join open PoCs or suggest a new pilot to any of the enterprises on prooV's market network. 

When a software vendor is accepted by the enterprise to run a PoC it can connect to the enterprise's dedicated testing environment, access the relevant databases set up for the enterprise, APIs, RFPs and additional information required to run the PoC successfully. 


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Enterprises using prooV experience a new level of simplicity when it comes to PoCs and adopting new innovation.

Instead of being bombarded with requests and pitches from software vendors and startups, each requiring a stand-alone testing environment and supervision, CTO’s and Chief Innovation Officers can finally concentrate all efforts and requests in one market network: prooV.

prooV allows enterprises to easily bypass binding corporate regulations and complex IT integrations, as it provides them with an external, data-rich and secure testing environment to run all their PoCs.

All PoCs on prooV run on secure Cloud servers, with one single point of integration to prooV, enabling enterprises to test multiple software vendors simultaneously, and get real-time prediction and comparison of the software vendors' performance, based on the enterprises concrete KPIs. Making it safe for the enterprise to then move the chosen vendors into real-life production.

All software vendors are vetted and approved by prooV analysts prior to entering the market network, saving the enterprise time, money and energy on research and verification processes. 


With a rapidly growing customer base of over 160 global enterprises including General Electric, Coca-Cola, AIG and more, and hundreds of registered tech startups, prooV truly changes the way software vendors acquire customers and enterprises discover innovation. 


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Enterprises on prooV currently looking for technology solutions:


Discover software solutions, connect with enterprises/software vendors and run PoCs on our cloud-based testing environments


prooV solves PoC pains. 

PoC processes are infamous for being complex, tedious and problematic for both software vendors (or startups) and enterprises. 

They raise many challenges that shift focus away from their main goal - demonstrating and testing innovative solutions. 

prooV reduces all problems to none, by introducing the first ever Pilot-as-a-Service platform. 

On the prooV platform, global enterprises and software vendors are able to connect and easily run PoCs on remote, secure testing environments.

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